Natural mineral water contains various nutritional minerals with a cool taste, more drinkable than purified water; hence it is added to the daily food list by many people for a safer and more comfortable diet.

The following 5 reasons will explain why natural mineral water is a preferable choice in a healthy diet.

1. Low calories

Instead of drinking water for refreshment with high calories content such as soda, milk, or soft drinks, natural mineral water will reduce more stress for those in their diet in calorie measurement. Most of the natural mineral water has no calories while other popular drinks contain a high level of sugar. For instance, 20 ounce of sweetened soda contains 247 calories.

According to WHO recommendation, both adults and children should limit the simple sugar intake under 10% of the total consumed calories. It means that the average consumed calories of an adult with a normal diet will be around 2,000 calories per day, so the daily sugar consumption should be less than 200 calories, equivalent 50 grams (about 12 tsp). That is the reason why people who are in their diet usually drink natural mineral water for replenishing minerals and no increase in the absorbed calories into the body.

Natural mineral water benefits
2. Additional minerals

Natural mineral water could provide the body with various essential nutrients during the diet. Containing many types of trace elements that have a high value of nutrition such as magnesium, calcium, sulfate, potassium, silica, and sodium; natural mineral water helps regulate heart rate, relax muscles and strengthen bones. Mineral water with the stable content of bicarbonate (HCO3) will stimulate the digestion and purify the body.

3. Cardiovascular effect

The daily foods intake containing silica will help reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Silica’s antioxidant properties will regenerate damaged tissues in the body. The required average amount of silica for maintaining activities in a long working day ranges from 20 to 30 milligrams. Drinking natural mineral water for silica supplementation is a good habit to protect your health.

mineral water

4. Water replenishment

Physical exercise is a compulsory requirement for any diet plan. Physical activities will force the body to move and burn lots of calories for effective weight loss. Drinking mineral water during and after physical activities will help replenish lost water. In addition, drinking plenty of water also detoxify and purify the body. People who regularly drink enough water, especially mineral water will have brighter skin.

5. Bright skin

Not many people could realize this benefit. Drinking natural mineral water every day will help purify the body, support and release stress for such organs with filtering function as liver and kidney. If you know how to protect your skin from sunlight, smoke, and dust as well as maintain a regular exercise plan with a healthy diet, you can get bright skin.

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