Nutrient-dense minerals, refreshing and pure sweetness of Miocen alkaline mineral water are carefully maintained to preserve great values which are deeply generated underground by nature.

Every stage of the manufacturing process is closely monitored. Water from the source goes through many stages of decantation and pasteurization, ensuring finished product high quality and food safety and finally the bottle is filled with water. The whole process is operated by an automatic control system under American and Italian technology.

Miocen natural mineral water is certified to contain healthy minerals for effective body purification thanks to the natural alkaline pH level. The quality of Miocen natural mineral water is tested and certified by reputable organizations such as FDA (Food and Drug Administration), SGS (Standard Global Services), Quatest 3 and Pasteur Institute.

certification of Miocen water source
From the water source to consumers

The water source is discovered from the over million-year-old-sediment layers at the depth of nearly 500m underground, therefore it is called Miocen natural mineral water. Valuable minerals absorbed from these sediment layers enable consumers to replenish water and minerals effectively.

Impressions of Miocen alkaline mineral water

Miocen alkaline mineral water

Benefits of Miocen alkaline mineral water

1. Drinkable and refreshing

For Miocen alkaline mineral water, the most easily assessable mineral value lies in the delicious and sweet taste. The balance between mineral ingredients and suitable content to the human body makes the water drinkable and refreshing.

2. Supplementation of essential minerals for the health

This water source contains high quantities of trace elements good for bones and joint strength and muscle development. Drinking mineral water for supplementing trace elements is the priority method widely used in developed countries having the highest life expectancy like Japan, Spain, etc.

Benefits of alkaline mineral water

3. Body purification, risk deduction of dangerous diseases

The pH level of the water is increased by the natural content of bicarbonate. Thanks to this, the body is purified and supported to remove impurities from the cells for disease prevention as well as naturally rosy skin.

4. Digestive stimulation

In addition to body purification, bicarbonate content also boosts digestion and improves the ability of micro-nutritional absorption. Good for the health of all ages.

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