Countless results and advice on health protection and detailed ways for implementation will appear after an enter on Google search. Nevertheless, the method which is mainly recommended is originated from the daily routines.
A survey of Harvard University indicates that 5 following habits will bring a healthier life.

1. No smoking.
2. Regular exercises (at least including physical activities every day)
3. Limitation of alcoholic beverages
4. Maintain the weight in balance.
5. Healthy eating, plenty of water and vegetables and fruits.
Protecting your health
This is the conclusion of the study conducted on over 80,000 women and 45,000 men. For women, the average life expectancy of those with 0/5 the above habits is 79 years old. While the average life expectancy of those with 5/5 the above habits are up to 93 years old. The same result is applied to men.
But it doesn’t mean that the life expectancy of those who do not abuse drugs, keep a healthy diet, and regular exercise will increase by 14 years as stated by the figures. Protecting your health by building the mentioned habits will minimize the risk of dangerous diseases and get full of spirit.
Ultimately, getting sustainable health is to live happily, work hard, and enjoy beautiful things in life, in line with the spirit “Work hard, play hard”.
how to protect your health
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